Nobody understands how much I was crying watching Ryan Smyth’s final game last night. I was sobbing and the waitress gave my boyfriend the dirtiest fucking look and like grabbed my shoulder all serious asking why I was crying.

She looked genuinely confused when I pointed to the TV and told her how important that day was to me.

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Seats for the oiler lightning game!

Tomorrow is the big day I finally get to go to a Lightning game here in Edmonton! I am way too excited none of you will ever understand just how crazy it is making me!

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Bam bam pow
oilers nails

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How often do you see a diving call?

Especially in an Oilers game?! TOO funny

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Also i stole my brothera hat for a “swag” pic but it turned out cute and I wanted to share how great I feel today!

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Tina and I at the game tonight…. at least there was plenty of beer